Sisteme kundër vjedhjes së artikujve.

Amersec, ofron një gamë të gjerë zgjidhjesh së produkteve kundër vjedhjes së artikujve. Këto produkte gjejnë një zbatim të gjerë kudo nëpër butiqe të vogla apo të mëdha.

Radio-Frequency Systems

AMERSEC® RF shoplifting prevention systems not only use the latest technology to protect your articles but also provide you with valuable online data and store activity information that can help you to maximize efficiency and increase profits of your business.

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Acousto-Magnetic Systems

AM technology is an advanced and reliable solution for merchandise protection with benefits such as small labels, wide aisles, reliable operation, online data and store management, and remote maintenance services.

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Metal / Magnet Detection Systems

If you are experiencing loss due to booster bag theft or unauthorized tag removal we recommend to upgrade your shoplifting prevention with our Metal and Magnet Detection systems.

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Visitor Counting

Visitor counting, footfall, people counting – whichever term you prefer to use does not change the fact that statistics for store attendance, sales efficiency, and strategic planning have become an essential tool for retailers in the past few years.

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Software Solutions

AMERSEC® software solutions are designed to collect vital data and status information from our Visitor Counters as well as EAS systems. Along with extensive counter analytics.

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To compliment our range of RF, AM and Metal/Magnet Detection systems our line of accessories enable best performance of the EAS systems.

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