Bring your ‘Loxone Music Server powered by CasaTunes’ right up to date with this software upgrade for the Loxone Music Server and take advantage of many new features:

  • Full integration into your Loxone Smart Home
  • Enjoy new features including a smart alarm clock, doorbell, and more
  • Control via the Loxone App
  • Integration of Spotify, Google Play Music, TuneIn
  • Voice output (text to speech)
  • Zone Expansion via network streaming (UPnP)
  • Energy Saving Power Management
  • Simple setup via Loxone Config (after the upgrade is a new configuration required)
  • In order to ensure you receive the correct software upgrade for your ‘Loxone Music Server powered by CasaTunes’,¬†please enter the Mac address of your ‘Loxone Music Server powered by CasaTunes’ into the Order Reference box at the Payment stage of the checkout process.
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