Smart Hotel Solution

The most advanced solutions for hotel management and digitalization.

BlackGlass Doorbell Panel

45 ° black glass touch surface and customizable icons. Giving you a nice simple and elegant feeling.

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Hotel CardKey Switch

Saving 1 Kwh per room every day for a 300 room hotel means saving 1 x 300 x 365 x 6.9 cents = € 7,555.5 euros savings per year!

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Hotel DoorLock

Digital door locks for hotel rooms, with touch touch and ID card. In different colors and high quality.

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Networking Thermostat

Advanced S-BUS mesh thermostat solution, which can control air conditioning system, underfloor heating and air ventilation system.

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Hotel Room Management Software

Our Hotel management system enables you to save energy by improving the quality of management, security and satisfaction of guests.

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