Network Systems

The Best Options to Manage your Network

PoE Switch

WI-Tek Long-Range CCTV PoE with exclusive patent network extension technology, use the common existing twisted pair, can support 250 meters data transmission, break the hundred meters transmission limit of twisted pair.

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Network Switch

The switch provides high performance, enterprise-level QoS, advanced security strategies and rich layer 2 management features. Moreover, the switch also comes equipped with SFP slots, expanding your network flexibly.

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Wireless Access Point

Wi-Tek's wireless Access Point comply with the 802.11N/802.11AC Wi-Fi Technology, data rate can be up to 1200Mbps,it improve overall network performance in high client
density environment.

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Wireless Transmiters

Because of its cost-effective price and easy construction, the wireless CPE has been widely used in two or more long-distance network Bridges. Especially wireless CCTV industry now more and more need long stable, safe transmission of video.

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Wi-Tek’s Reverse Router WI-R2 is a PoE Router based on 802.11 b/g/n technology, Its WAN port support Passive PoE, PoE Voltage work from 24V-52V, it is your wireless coverage extension best choice. It provide an ideal solution to work with FTTx GPON or WISP CPE.

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