There’s a CAME solution for almost everything.

Came barriers are designed to professionally control every type of access: car parking, shopping centre, hotel, hospitals, exhibition centres, amusement parks, airports and railway stations, as well as all other types of small or large public facility.

Road Barriers

2 different products with the same
top-quality features.

GARD PT and GARD PX are tested
for continuous duty use for at least
4,000,000 and 10,000,000 cycles

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Slide Door Motors

Operator with 36 V motor, featuring a control board with graphic display, Adaptive Speed & Torque Technology, 4 safety inputs, movement management/obstruction detection and module 6 pinion for gates weighing up to 2500 kg that are up to 20-m long.

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Swing Door Motors

Irreversible gearmotor with encoder for swing gates with leaves up to 2 m long. RAL7024-grey color.

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Garage Door Motors

Operator with encoder, featuring a control board with segmented graphic display, for sectional and overhead garage doors.

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Double leg/bridge type tripod turnstile for locations aiming pedestrian access control and medium level security.

Practical solution providing double passage lanes with installation of a single unit.

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HBD Hydraulic Bollards

Hydraulic rising bollard with anti-terror capabilities, crash tested and certified for M50 (K-12) and M40 (K-8).

Please download "Technical Specifications" for further details.

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Swing Gates

Operator that runs on 24 V, featuring a control board with dip-switch settings, on-board radio decoding, movement and obstruction-detection control for gates weighing up to 400 kg and measuring up to 10 m in length. RAL7024-grey cover.

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Full Height Turnstiles

A full height turnstile for locations aiming pedestrian access control and high level security.

Offers more secure passages compared to 3 arm versions.

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